About Us

Since 2005 ROLLY & CO designs, achieves and commercializes personal care products.
The company name comes from the creation of a revolutionary product, an intuition of Michele Bernini, the founder: Rolly, the smallest toothbrush in the world.
ROLLY & CO is dynamic, innovative, versatile and trained not to set limits for itself. On one hand, the company always pays attention to its established business, while on the other hand, it always looks ahead to take inspiration for future business opportunities. It’s like a chameleon: it adapts to the context without compromising its identity.

Our mission

Constant search for new products and commercial opportunities

Our vision

Simplify people’s everyday life

Our history

Our values


Ability to adapt as circumstances change in order to seize new opportunities


Boldness in stepping outside the comfort zone to attack new sectors and work on prospects still not defined


Determination and speed in making decisions and applying them, giving the brand an advantage


Attention and respect for the environment