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Since 2005 ROLLY & CO designs, achieves and commercializes personal care products. ROLLY & CO is a dynamic, innovative, adaptable company, trained not to set limits for itself.

What we do

ROLLY & CO is a company dedicated to innovation and quality.

Our success is due to our ability to satisfy different needs by diversifying the offer for both brand and product.

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Private Label

We offer our experience and the know-how developed over the years in personal care to private brands.

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We care about the Earth and our client needs: in 2019 ROLLY & CO started to develop its road map with the aim of increasing its sustainability.

Stakeholders see ROLLY & CO as a successful company because it aims to satisfy different needs with several proposals both for brand and products.

Busajo Onlus

Busajo Onlus was founded in 2009 to support social projects, in particular those that are focused on young generations and children’s education. Busajo Onlus, with the contribute of experts and volunteers, always monitors the progress of the work with visits to the places where the project is being carried out, promoting local employment.

Rolly Brush has always offered toothbrushes, toothpastes, and personal care products to the children of Busajo Onlus. A little thing, but still important for us.

Da sempre Rolly Brush dona spazzolini, dentifrici e prodotti di personal care ai bambini di Busajo Onlus. Per noi è un piccolo gesto davvero importante.

Associazione Giocamico

Since 1998 GIOCAMICO has been present in the Pediatric Wards of the Children’s Hospital of Parma from Monday to Sunday, from 9 a.m. to noon and from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., and carries out all our beliefs through playful-expressive-relational activity thanks to wonderful Volunteers who have become more and more numerous over the years.


Rolly Brush Srl, Via Manzini 5 – 43126 Parma, Italy